Deja Vu Infrared Body Wrap

Deja Vu Infrared Body Wrap

Lymphatic drainage infrared slimming equipment - Understanding pressotherapy

What is pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a technique for blood circulation enhancement, lymphatic massage and cellulite reduction. It is provided by special equipment that comprises inflatable boots (or arm sleeves) that rhythmically inflate and deflate in order to pump lymph in the lymphatic vessels and blood in the veins of the legs (or arms) towards the heart. It is also known as alternate compression therapy or pneumatic compression therapy. It is a mechanised lymphatic drainage technique that fights water retention by applying intermittent compression on one or more parts of the body - typically the legs, Stomach and arms.

What is manual lymphatic drainage and compression garments?

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a very light lymphatic drainage massage technique that was developed in the 1930s. It is especially gentle and thereby very well suited to very weak, fragile or sensitive individuals and is the only technique suited to patients that had their lymph glands removed after cancer. However, this technique is not nearly as effective in healthy women (i.e. 95% of women) as pressotherapy.

With the low pressure differential of anything between 7 and 15mmHg ,this pressure differential is too mild to offer any significant lymphatic drainage benefits with a Compression garment. Actually, it can make cellulite worse, as they deprive the tissues of mechanical stimulation necessary for collagen cell (fibroblasts) productivity.

How does pressotherapy work?

The air is automatically pumped into pneumatic chambers of the boot. The Machine can apply a pressure that reaches 100mmHg or even 120mmHg.With this strong pressure ,the machine can automatically adapt the patient's blood pressure and help all parts of body do the deep lymphatic drainage massage ,then enhance blood circulation . If you use a good anti-cellulite cream, it will add to the results of the treatment.

What are the benefits of pressotherapy?

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Body Contouring/Reshaping
  • Fat & inch loss
  • Pain Relief (sore muscles, join pain)
  • Cellular Detoxification
  • Skin Enhancement
  • Improved appearance of cellulite
  • Stress Relief
  • Improving Well-Being
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Activates metabolism in tissues and cells

Material for the suit

Waterproof , fireproof, PVC polyester fiber

Discovery of infrared rays

Invisible infrared rays was discovered ,when the solar light shoots to the prism by raising the indicated value of the thermometer which is placed outside of red in 7 colors visible light. The invisible light with the power to warm the things was named "infrared rays", because they exist outside of red in visible light. The infrared rays are the kind of electromagnetic waves

What are far infrared rays?

According to the wavelength, the infrared rays are divided into two wavelength regions, "near infrared rays" and "far infrared rays". Far infrared ray is the electromagnetic waves with the wavelength from 3μm (micron) to 1mm (millimeter) = 1,000 microns, It is the reason that the electromagnetic waves more than 3μm in wavelength just match the molecule vibrations forming articles surrounding us such as stones, woods, plastics, fibers, waters, foods and animals including a human being.

What is far infrared heat therapy ?

Far Infrared Heat Therapy generates heat from far infrared rays. When the temperature reaches 70 degrees, the energy will infiltrate into 4cm to 7cm deep of the muscle and skin, it can fully dissolve the surplus grease to achieve the purpose of keeping your body slim. At the same time it also can beautify your skin by helping heal scars, wounds, and cuts, reducing the appearance of crow's feet, fine lines, and wrinkles.

How does far infrared heat therapy work in human being?

Far infrared rays are rays that promote bioprocess such as increased metabolism and blood circulation, and can raise core body temperature. Far infrared rays heat our body by a process called conversion. Through conversion, far infrared heat can penetrate organic substances such as the human body without heating the air in between, and increase the levels of oxygen and white blood cells in your blood. Far Infrared Ray-induced heat is harmless, comfortable, targeted and deep penetrating. It is an effective way to strengthen immunity and improve blood flow, which eases muscles spasms, rehabilitates movement impairment, alters the sensation of pain and promotes tissue repair.

Advantages of Far Infrared Heat Therapy

By using far infrared heat as opposed to traditional heating methods (Sauna), you enable the heat to penetrate deeper into your body without the skin discomfort of heating pads, hot towels, and some pain relief gels/creams. Only if the sauna uses far-infrared technology, the sauna might be more tolerated by patients who don't tolerate the high temperatures of the standard humid hot air saunas. This is because far-infrared rays do not heat the air inside the sauna, but they still heat the body.

What are the benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy?

Far infrared therapy provides two factors that are essential for good health: cellular detoxification and good circulation. The health of the whole system depends on the movement of blood and energy throughout. Detoxification and good circulation result in adequate exchange of nutrients into cells, reduced inflammation, loss of excess weight. What's more,Far-infrared heat therapy penetrates deep into soft tissue, making it can ideal source of arthritis pain relief .You will benefit from an effective means of loosening sore muscles and still joints without the use of ointments or creams that can burn and have an unpleasant odor. Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, ALS,Lou Gehrig's Disease and Parkinson's Disease can enjoy an easy useful form of pain relief.


"Wow what a great experience. I went down a size and lost about 19"overall. I feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD and my skin is visibly tighter with resilience. The exercise beds are so comfortable. I am going to recommend this to all my friends." - Martha P.
"I got my first body wrap to get rid of some inches for a college reunion and the results have stayed! I was thinking that all the bulges will reappear but to my astonishment I look flawless. Finally,something for cellulite and bra bulge. I am amazed." -Dorothy K.
"The wrap really works. I bought two wraps initially with the first wrap the inch loss was 21 inches and 16 inches with the second one. I went down an entire dress size. My skin has a glow and feels very smooth to the touch.I will recommend this to anybody who is results oriented." -Jessica. R.
"What a lovely facility. What a world class place. A real treat to be there and spend an afternoon. They have multiple treatments that can help you achieve your goals. I went with the body wrap and lost 18" in my first treatment and my dress for the evening fit like a glove I look like a million dollars."-Kimberly J.