Essentials Experience

Medical Spas are fast becoming the facility of choice among women and men seeking age-enhancing and appearance-improving skin care procedures.

At Fremont Laser Med Spa, not only are our customers treated with the best that technology has to offer, they also get expert consult from our skilled medical staff. Our trend-setting spa-like facilities and warm and friendly staff are all you need for the best skin care experience ever.

Our facilities offer FDA-approved procedures like Laser Hair Removal, IPL Photorejuvenation, Acne, Scar Lightening, Rosacea, Botox, Collagen, Restalene, Microdermabration. We work only with the most advanced LASER /INTENSE PULSE LIGHT equipment to achieve your desired results.

This facility has exclusive rights for the area for Nano Perfect Face Lift System and Nano Tech Inch Loss System. We also house Crunch Inches (Fight Flab without sweat) and have exlusive rights for the area.

Our result oriented Nano Weight Loss program, developed by our physician surgeon, Dr. H. James Kojian, M.D. incorporates the most innovative, wholistic and comprehensive weight loss regiment available in the market today.

Our MEDICAL staff is highly trained in a culture of warmth, friendliness, and customer service. Our flexible business hours are designed to adjust to your needs. Making you look good and feel good is what we aretherefor.

Call us at 510-793-2277 / 866-486-SKIN (Fremont) or 866-512-7722 / 925-829-7722 (Dublin)