Illumiwave 635 - Lipo Laser

Fremont Laser Med Spa is introducing the new Illumiwave 635 Lipo Laser to benefit patients seeking a thinner, more slender body. This new laser is used by Dr. Kojian and his Fremont Laser Med Spa staff to liquefy subcutaneous fat, helping patients lose from 5 inches to 25 inches of belly fat.

The Illumiwave 635 Lipo Laser is the latest in cold laser technology, using 135 fat liquefying diodes to remove fat with no pain, heat or swelling. The laser fat reduction process operates at a low level energy, only strong enough to create pores in the adipose tissue, and gentle enough not to cause bruising, bleeding or blood vessel damage in the body. This gentle, yet effective lipo laser is our preferred tool, and we are excited to introduce its successful results to our patients.

How does the Illumiwave 635 Lipo Laser break down fat?

When the cold laser’s energy penetrates the subcutaneous fat layer, the adipose cell walls are made permeable for a momentary period, allowing the cell contents -- which include water, glycerol and free fatty acids -- to liquify and exit the cell. The water from the cells are either utilized by the body or excreted. The newly freed fatty acids are also utilized in the body as energy, or reabsorbed by other cells. The glycerol that was removed from the fat layer is processed through the body’s natural metabolic functions. After the cold laser fat liquefaction process is complete, the adipose tissue remains in place but significantly shrinks in size, resulting in a slimmer, sculpted body area.
The diagram on the right show the fat cells before treatment. The last picture shows the dramatic size reduction of the cells after treatment.

Fremont Fat Reduction

Studies and Clinical Trials

A clinical study with 700 test cases showed that 95% of those treated had a smoother abdominal surface and evidence of inch loss. After one treatment, ultrasound images confirmed that there was a 10% - 30% decrease in fat layer depth.


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